Frank Retzel


The following are from recordings of music by Frank Retzel and are excerpts only (not the full length recordings). Please allow a few moments for the files to download, this will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

Chansonnier for orchestra ---- from Opus One CD 156 New Music for Orchestra
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bratislava
Joel Eric Suben, conductor

I. Ballade -- Quel fronte signorille
II. Rondeau -- Ce jour de l'an
III. Rondeau -- Adieu m'amour

Horae - A Cycle for Organ --- from Opus One CD 155
David Shuler, organist
Recorded at the Park Avenue Christian Church, NYC
Holtkamp Organ

I. Aurora (Matins)
II. Canon 1
III. Cybele (Lauds)
IV. Canon 2
V. Hesperus (Vespers)  
VI. Canon 3
VII. Selene/Somnus (Compline)

Line Drawings and Earthen Clay Figures ---- from Opus One CD 165
Barry David Salwen, pianist

Book I ------ Sketches
1. Preamble
2. Bold Stroke I
3. Line Fantasy
4. Nocturnal Portrait
5. Basil's Dance
6. Bold Stroke II

Book II ----- Designs in Terracotta
1. Vessels - Arabesque I
2. Mystical Movement
3. Masque
4. Les Cloches
5. Arabesque II

Duets for soprano and piano ---- from a live concert at Symphony Space, NYC (League/ISCM)
June 9, 2004
Elizabeth Farnum, soprano
Christopher Oldfather, pianist

I ---- St. Kevin and the Blackbird
II ---The Swing

Poems of Seamus Heaney, from The Spirit Level, used with permission.

Summer Songs for soprano and piano ---- from a live concert at LeFrak Concert Hall
Queens College, CUNY (LICA Concert)
November 18, 2004
Elizabeth Farnum, soprano
Lin Li, pianist
I ---- Afternoon on a Hill (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
II --- Tavern (Millay)
III -- The Poplar (Seamus Heaney)
IV -- Colours and Rhymes (Millay)
V --- There Is a Singer (Robert Frost)
VI -- Warm Touch/Warm Thought (Vocalese - Song Without Words)

All texts used with permission.

All Music -- Copyright FRANK RETZEL (APNM - BMI)

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